Saturday, November 3, 2012


Ramen is my guilty pleasure. I had some for lunch which officially ends my anti ramen diet. Now I have serious cravings for it. I am like about to run to the store and buy tons. It's like noodley goodness that is full of unhealthy sodium. Whoever invented them deserves multiple pats on the back, a round of applause, and a gold star. The college kids who eat this stuff all the time have the right idea

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tribute to Jessel; The telly tubbies dog

So today, my dog Jessel, was put down. I wasn't there for his death because my dogs unfortunately live 2 hours away with my dad. So I figured I would blog about it because I can't organise my thoughts properly till I talk to someone about this. But since it's hard to talk while crying, I figured the Internet would be the next best thing. Since I'm using my iPhone the grammar may be incorrect

We got Jessel from a breeder in west Virginia. We were going to get a different dog from the first litter of the year, but the one we wanted had a hump on its back and though the hump was removed, my mom figured that it could have an underlying medical disorder and us not having a ton of money didn't want to have to pay thousands in vet visits. Jessel was in the second litter. He was a chubby puppy and chased butterflies and tried to eat grasshoppers. They were too fast for him. He was a year younger than my now twelve year old sister. I remember he had a red leash on the day we got him and he kept trying to eat it. He hated having his nose squeezed but since it was so squishy I would squeeze it anyway.

Jessel's name came from the show the telly tubbies. I was watching it and there was another dog, a collie maybe, that was named Jessel and when I found out we were getting a dog, I just knew he would be my Jessel.

I know dogs are colourblind, but I could swear he watched tv. He would come sit by me in my playroom and stare intently at the screen. Somedays I would sneak him upstairs and hold up two outfits and say "pick one" and he would nod yes or no. I'm not entirely sure if we taught him that or if he was just smart, but it helped me pick some good outfits. I remember if you ever ran away from him, he would chase you around forever. Not to attack you, but to see if you had a toy. He stopped barking when he was one, so I would always think of him saying, "I'm too good for barking" in a smart alecky voice.

When we got our unplanned 2nd dog Cassie, he really liked her. He liked her do much that months after we got her she was pregnant. Cassie gave birth to eight little black puppies. We think they took after Jessel's mom. She was a black hunting dog named breeze.
Jessel was always afraid of the puppies. Maybe he just hated them. Either way the puppy that we kept, midnight, and him never got along. I guess they were friends though because today midnight sat on his grave for an hour whining according to my dad.

We don't know how Jessel died entirely, just that my dad came home and found him under a tree. Kinda like in the movie Marley and me. I think it's fitting though, that he died under a tree. He was always carrying huge branches around and eating leaves that we're floating in the creek by the house. Hopefully the tree was by the creek, Jessel spent half his life in there just swimming around.

Well that's basically a blog sized summary of Jessel. I think I might write a short story of his death possibly. He was an inspiring dog and the first person/dog(because he was like a person) I've ever had die that was close to me. My living fluffy pillow. But since I cant change what's already happened, I hope that heaven(or something similar) is where he is. He deserves it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


As I was casually doing my grocery shopping walk through whole foods this week, I discovered this strange fruit next to the peaches. According to the label, they were plums that were cross bred with apricots. Pluots.

Of course I had to try these magical cross fruit. I put 4 in a bag and continued on my merry way. I am now regretting not staying at that stand of fruit and devouring those Pluots in seconds.

When I arrived home that night I was excited to try my Pluots. It was super sweet and I had to wash my face from all the juice that went all over. They were sweet and juicy like plums that are slightly tangy.
New favorite fruit? I think so.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unhealthy Cravings

So you know those innocent looking, red fish that they call Swedish fish? Well i think I'm addicted.

It started with camp. At camp in Quebec, or to be more specific Montreal, there was no candy allowed in rooms. I didn't really mind but we had dinner at like 5. Me and my awesome roommate Elizabeth had strange cravings at night for candy and yummy things. I wished for Swedish fish.
When I got back from camp I bought two bags of Swedish fish. I had Swedish fish for lunch dinner and breakfast

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Art

       I like to draw. And paint. And scream a lot when I can't figure out how to get the thing I'm drawing right.

Anyways, a couple days ago I was like: what if i showed people my art? I know right such a crazy and wild and awfully rebellious idea. (note the sarcasm) But I really have no idea why I didn't realize it sooner. I work so hard on the things in my sketchbook, but really no one ever see them. So you people are going to be the first to see inside my strange world.

I took this picture with my phone and didn't really think of it till now. I looks pretty cool.

This is my representation of my favorite singer T.O.P. I cant get his smirk right though... and he looks more american.

This took me a month. I abhor water color. The side with the trees with no leaves and brown grass is the bad and the other side is the good. She's kind of like Dorothy, but instead of battling witches, shes just kind of lost her way.
I drew this on my homework. I really need to stop doing that. My teachers get mad.
I think i'm going to post my pictures more often. Stay tuned for invasion of the chinese takeout.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shorges=the urge for shoes

So recently, I've been into a ton of different shoes. I want skate shoes, I want heels, I want flats, and I want basically any other type of shoe in between (as long as they're not absolutely ridiculous).

As of right now, I'm really craving biker boots because they're so in. And I really need something to versatile for the up and coming changing of the seasons. I really want these and theyre about 12 dollars on online clothing market.

Also I want these candies sneakers with hello kitty and bows on them because of my hello kitty obsession— it's my guilty pleasure.

Recently, I indulged in online shoe therapy on just and their shoes are fabu if I may say so myself! I bought two pairs because of this huge sale their having. Two pairs for about 40 dollars. That is a high school girls dream come true! But I bought Demetria, the shiny silver peep toe ankle boots and Nadia the grey boots with buttons. I do believe I have a shoe debut tomorrow!

Happy shopping everyone! And for those of you that have a long weekend, please please please do no work unless it is absolutely necessary. As human beings, we are all under too much pressure! I totally stole that from victorious... But anyway, peace punch captain crunch, Ajey out!

Ps: I have a spoon necklace. Just had to throw that out there.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Such a small word for such a big thing. We dream about it as young kids, saying we're going to Harvard to be a lawyer or UCLA to be an engineer or Notre Dame to play football. As kids we don't understand the terrible realities of college. Most of us don't get into our dream colleges. A lot of us slack in school, not realizing how badly it affects our future lives. And a ton of us, as we are thrown into high school, begin to worry immensely after realizing the seriousness. Some never worry or understand the power that we wield for ourselves.

I personally want to go to Durham university in Durham England. My biggest fear is getting rejected or getting accepted and not knowing what to major in. I have a need to travel. I applied to boarding schools at least 2000 miles away for tenth grade. High school began as a misjudgment for me. I treated it the way I did every other form of school I had been in. My report card had A's and B's and while I had nothing to complain about, my mother kept trying to coerce me into getting straight A's. I didn't get it. But when the second week of school came around we went to the computer lab and looked at colleges. I realized I hold my future in my hands and so does every other 14, 15,16,17, and 18 year old and so on. Our decisions now, effect the future. It's the difference between going to Princeton and going to Montgomery college. Do you know where Montgomery college is? Exactly. Most people don't. It's a community college in the DC area.

My whole little rant here is to possibly change people. Turn the slackers into the studiers, ya know? Just know your destiny is controlled by you an only you can change it.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Me and sleep don't get along very well. I'm like come here sleep and it's like NO YOU SCARY PERSON IM LEAVING!
Yeah our relationship isn't that great.

I stayed up all last night so I could be up early to do my paragraph for French class. But just because my dear friend sleep hates me, he was like HAHAHA GO TO SLEEP! And I woke up at 12 even after I had waited 8 hours to not sleep. I was pissed.

Also my dear sister came home at six in the morning after her four o clock swim practice. She forgot her keys and phone and that we have neighbors considering we live in a town house. Needless to say, she pounded on the door and rung the bell at least seventy times in 5 minutes and I was so annoyed I had to let her in.
So much for that. She then smacked me and went to bed.

Yup the universe hates me.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I've been looking forward to this year. It's gonna be the best year so far. I realised this last night as we screamed and clinked our sloshing glasses together. Even though this isn't the year of my sweet 16 or something crazy, something bigs going to happen. Hopefully it's not the end of the world as people have been speculating. This year is somehow inspiring in some odd way. My new years resolution is to stay inspired. From inspiration comes great things! Maybe the inspiration will pay off. Ajey out!


I am absolutely in love with pie. Even though the pie seems to hate me. Yesterday as I was standing in the kitchen with the mixer on, the dough mixture which was mostly flour at this point, flew out and was like take that! And I was covered it powdery white stuff in an instant. But it was pretty entertaining! And now we have an awesome pie to eat in the fridge. And we all lived appley ever after. Ajey out!