Monday, January 2, 2012


Me and sleep don't get along very well. I'm like come here sleep and it's like NO YOU SCARY PERSON IM LEAVING!
Yeah our relationship isn't that great.

I stayed up all last night so I could be up early to do my paragraph for French class. But just because my dear friend sleep hates me, he was like HAHAHA GO TO SLEEP! And I woke up at 12 even after I had waited 8 hours to not sleep. I was pissed.

Also my dear sister came home at six in the morning after her four o clock swim practice. She forgot her keys and phone and that we have neighbors considering we live in a town house. Needless to say, she pounded on the door and rung the bell at least seventy times in 5 minutes and I was so annoyed I had to let her in.
So much for that. She then smacked me and went to bed.

Yup the universe hates me.

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