Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Such a small word for such a big thing. We dream about it as young kids, saying we're going to Harvard to be a lawyer or UCLA to be an engineer or Notre Dame to play football. As kids we don't understand the terrible realities of college. Most of us don't get into our dream colleges. A lot of us slack in school, not realizing how badly it affects our future lives. And a ton of us, as we are thrown into high school, begin to worry immensely after realizing the seriousness. Some never worry or understand the power that we wield for ourselves.

I personally want to go to Durham university in Durham England. My biggest fear is getting rejected or getting accepted and not knowing what to major in. I have a need to travel. I applied to boarding schools at least 2000 miles away for tenth grade. High school began as a misjudgment for me. I treated it the way I did every other form of school I had been in. My report card had A's and B's and while I had nothing to complain about, my mother kept trying to coerce me into getting straight A's. I didn't get it. But when the second week of school came around we went to the computer lab and looked at colleges. I realized I hold my future in my hands and so does every other 14, 15,16,17, and 18 year old and so on. Our decisions now, effect the future. It's the difference between going to Princeton and going to Montgomery college. Do you know where Montgomery college is? Exactly. Most people don't. It's a community college in the DC area.

My whole little rant here is to possibly change people. Turn the slackers into the studiers, ya know? Just know your destiny is controlled by you an only you can change it.

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