Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shorges=the urge for shoes

So recently, I've been into a ton of different shoes. I want skate shoes, I want heels, I want flats, and I want basically any other type of shoe in between (as long as they're not absolutely ridiculous).

As of right now, I'm really craving biker boots because they're so in. And I really need something to versatile for the up and coming changing of the seasons. I really want these and theyre about 12 dollars on online clothing market.

Also I want these candies sneakers with hello kitty and bows on them because of my hello kitty obsession— it's my guilty pleasure.

Recently, I indulged in online shoe therapy on just and their shoes are fabu if I may say so myself! I bought two pairs because of this huge sale their having. Two pairs for about 40 dollars. That is a high school girls dream come true! But I bought Demetria, the shiny silver peep toe ankle boots and Nadia the grey boots with buttons. I do believe I have a shoe debut tomorrow!

Happy shopping everyone! And for those of you that have a long weekend, please please please do no work unless it is absolutely necessary. As human beings, we are all under too much pressure! I totally stole that from victorious... But anyway, peace punch captain crunch, Ajey out!

Ps: I have a spoon necklace. Just had to throw that out there.

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